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Thanks for stopping by. Signable Limited is the trading name of British Sign Language / English Interpreter and Consultant, Glen Barham. You can learn more about Glen on the ‘About’ page.

Glen Barham is available for interpreting assignments and also for consultancy focusing on service provision to deaf people, especially in relation to the public sector.

If you wish to discuss anything with us please use our online contact form.

For reasons explained on the ‘About’ page, Glen does not undertake interpreting for the Criminal Justice System.

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Accessible to deaf people? Push Button Door Opener

Push Button Door Opener

Accessible to deaf people? Of course we are. Aren’t we?

It’s quite natural for people working for public services to consider that what they do, they do in the right way and that their services are accessible.  Of course, sometimes there are challenges when foreign visitors, travellers or migrants begin accessing the services and we generally rise to that with the help of telephone interpreting services.  But our indigenous population have access to our services, don’t they? Well that may be true until it comes to our services being accessible to deaf people. Read More