Accessible to deaf people?

Accessible to deaf people? Push Button Door Opener

Push Button Door Opener

Accessible to deaf people? Of course we are. Aren’t we?

It’s quite natural for people working for public services to consider that what they do, they do in the right way and that their services are accessible.  Of course, sometimes there are challenges when foreign visitors, travellers or migrants begin accessing the services and we generally rise to that with the help of telephone interpreting services.  But our indigenous population have access to our services, don’t they? Well that may be true until it comes to our services being accessible to deaf people. Read More

British Sign Language recognised

British Sign Language recognised in 2003 - picture showing the sign for Deaf.

British Sign Language sign for Deaf

18th March 2003 – a most memorable day in the Deaf Community with the announcement that British Sign Language (BSL) had been recognised as an official British language. Impressive stuff and, whilst not directly involved at that time, I had been aware of the campaigns run by many deaf people to seek that recognition. I remember stories of deaf people marching through the streets of London, Brighton and the infamous Wolverhampton Six.

British Sign Language recognised? Read More

Deaf Village Ireland – it just makes sense!

Glen Barham - Deaf Village Ireland

Arriving at Deaf Village Ireland

Back in November 2012, The Hub on BSL Zone featured Deaf Village Ireland (DVI), a new, state of the art centre for Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people in Dublin, Southern Ireland.  Watching the programme, I was impressed with the concept of this new complex and I knew then that I wanted to visit.

This week, having travelled to Ireland to visit family, I seized the opportunity and made my way to Cabra in Dublin to see what it was all about. Read More

Scandal of 23000 police who have two jobs

Image showing front page of Mail on Sunday newspaper for 30th December 2012.

Mail on Sunday 30/12/12

That was the front page headline for the Mail on Sunday on 30th December 2012; and that got me thinking!

You see, I am one of those 23000 who has a second job but I’m not sure it’s a scandal. I’m not even sure it’s particularly interesting. But what does it mean?

According to OxfordDictionaries, scandal is a noun meaning: an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage.

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